Math + technology? Where do I start?

Deciding to combine two of my weakest areas will either be really brave, insightful and stand to improve my understanding, my pedagogy and access to useful information….or it will overwhelm me and scare me back into my safety zone of avoiding new technologies. Even excel and powerpoint scare me! If a classmate didn’t invite me to edit on google docs last year, my assignment presentations may have well been presented with the old standard: poster board, glitter glue and bubble letters. As a result of this class, I have signed up for twitter and WordPress accounts. I am completely nervous that I may have set the bar too high here in all of the challenges I am trying to confront via my tech class…but I haven’t thrown in the towel yet, so stay tuned. I’m not entirely sure how twitter might support math instruction or support math learners, but I will update my experiences once I have had more time to explore twitter and WordPress. To be continued…

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