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Ok well off and running…off to a start….I’ve started. It hasn’t been the start I had ambitiously set out for, but I am learning as I go, and as long as I am learning-I will always have something to write about. I am pretty timid around new tech, but we have been learning about so many unique and useful platforms for supporting learners, I feel like there is so much to talk about and not enough time to discuss it all. So far I am enjoying my time on twitter. I have been hesitant to commit to another social media platform: another thing to waste time on that doesn’t really add value to my life, another password to remember, but so far I have followed the mighty Jo Boaler – mathematical teaching radical and one of my favourite high school teachers of all time; who is now a principal and regular tweeter of all things cool and innovative in school district 63. I appreciate that in such a short amount of time, twitter has given me quick, regular access to an international math instruction revolutionary as well a teacher who has had a lasting impact on my education and personal development! Thanks to twitter, I now have access to their resources, recommendations and pedagogy anytime they send a tweet. I am now curious about another platform we learned about in class this week called Feedly. I look forward to checking it out and will hopefully have a review of it once I have had the time to get to know it. I love the idea for bringing order to the growing list of influencers I am following on twitter! One of the things I was worried about when joining twitter was not only having another account to maintain, but also trying to keep track and remember who shared what and where. Since I have only been using twitter professionally, as in, I haven’t advertised or added any friends or family outside of my cohort of educators and I am mainly in it for the resource sharing, I look forward to familiarizing myself and becoming outright dependent on Feedly to keep my twitter game in check-I don’t want to miss a beat when it comes to open sharing of timely, relevant, competency derived resources. What a time to be an educator!

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